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  • The Crisis In Israel & Gaza

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    I have been watching coverage on the escalating crisis in Israel and Gaza. I'm struck by a couple of things: First, the stupidity of Hamas. For all the rockets they have fired on Israel, they haven't killed a single Israeli. They have zero chance of inflicting a meaningful injury on that country. On the other hand, they have zero chance of standing against the Israeli reaction. If Hamas continues to push this fight, Israel will invade and Hamas will lose. The real loser though will be the innocent civilians that the Hamas attacks are putting at risk.

    the second thing that struck me was the once again lopsided media coverage of these events. I have just spent half an hour or so watching watching various news stories on this crisis and in every case, the media played up the fact that innocent Palestinians are dying. Several of the news stories seemed to have no other purpose, but to vilify Israel for attacking their attackers. These stories don't seem to have much to say about the extraordinary measures that Israel is taking to avoid civilian deaths. How many times in history has a nation called and texted the people in a targeted area to warn them that an attack was coming? How often has a nation first fired warning missiles to 'knock on the roof' of targeted locations, to warn off people in the area, lest they become victims?

    obviously, when you are firing missiles and dropping bombs filled with explosives, people are going to die and many of them won't be the intended targets of those bombs and missiles. One reporter mentioned something that helped bring the collateral damage into context though. The reporter said that more than 900 Israeli missiles have been fired into Gaza. 900. Those 900 missiles caused as many as 81 deaths of innocent bystanders. The death of any innocent in a situation like this is a tragedy, but only 81 civilian deaths, with over 900 missiles fired at Gaza sounds like an extraordinary job on Israel's part, to avoid civilian casualties.

    The relatively low number of Palestinian deaths is in spite of the fact that Hamas intentionally puts weapon stockpiles, firing positions and command and control centers in the midst of Palestinian civilians. They have long been known to store munitions in the homes of civilians and to even use their own countrymen, women and children included, as Human shields against attack. In spite of their own callous, heartless use of their own people, they will of course be the first decry the injury and death of Palestinians that they themselves put in harm's way.

    I had an Israeli friend tell me once that if Muslims laid down their arms against Israel, there would be peace, but if Israel laid down their arms, there would be no more Israel. That is the crux of the matter, isn't it? On one hand, you have the Hamas, firing rockets into Israel, trying to cause civilian casualties. On the other hand, you have Israel firing back against their attackers, while trying to avoid civilian casualties and doing a fairly good job of doing so. Who is wearing the white hat here?
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      TawnyaLucas8506 -
      I know that Israel has survived so far by being the meanest dog on the block, and now it appears the one country they could count on for support would happily throw them under the bus.