I had an uncle in Picayune, Mississippi name of Ed. He saved his pennies and bought a 2 pump Sinclair gas station. It came with one beat up wrecker and one derelict ambulance. In a couple of years Ed, through frugal manipulation of his income, had acquired a heavy duty wrecker, a medium, and a light duty or two. His big money makers were some ambulances. He used these ambulances to specialize in taking patients out of state to New Orleans, St Louis, and places like that. Miss was dry at the time, or large parts of it were. They came back to Picayune loaded with hooch. He built a nice home on Goodyear Blvd.

When they got nailed by the feds he was the only one with a non political job. The feds only wanted one sacrificial lamb so he was elected.
He got eighteen months in a federal pen in Florida and went in with the job of fire chief, with a private apartment, and a door to the outside. He was
only accountable to that prison 7:30 til 6:30 weekdays.

I was told yesterday there was no GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK. Tell me again.